Ground PV systems

An important form of investment is energy production through the installation of a ground photovoltaic system. According to the new renewable energy legislation law (Law 3851/2010, FEK 85A, 04.06.2010) Greece’s target is to produce electrical energy from RES - such as Solar Parks-at a 40% share of the total electrical power by 2020.

According to this law, farmers can install ground photovoltaic systems with capacity 100kW, or if the installation area is industrial the power limit is 500kW or 1MW (for individual and legal entities).

ΤGround Photovoltaic systems linked to the PPC for the sale of energy produced. The energy is sold at pre-agreed tariffs with PPC and the duration of the investment is 25 years.

Taking into account the needs and particularities of each investor; we develop proposals that maximize the return on their investment with the lowest possible cost.

More specifically, we undertake studies relating to:

  • assessment of energy efficiency and investment funds
  • installation study of a ground photovoltaic system
  • environmental authorization
  • timing and projects implementation
  • finance and investment evaluation