Roof Photovoltaic

ISPS Group, wanting to enhance not only the power production through RES, but also the economic benefits that domestic consumers may have, has given particular emphasis on the promotion and installation of photovoltaic systems up to 10KWp in to buildings, roofs or lofts or verandas and canopies.

Investing in a P/V system on a roof is a solution for power consumption and at the same time is an excellent choice for ensuring a significant income for the next 25 years.

The following conditions must be met for someone to join the domestic P/V program:

  • There must be an electricity (PPC) meter in the investor’s name
  • Part of the building’s requirements must be met by renewable energy sources (e.g. solar heater)

We undertake:

  • Specialized engineers visit your space with the appropriate equipment for the recording of essential data for the realization of a detailed technical/financial proposal for your investment
  • After accepting the offer, to prepare for you all required documents, and helping you in licensing - National Electricity Company- file
  • Finally, with the payment of the connection terms with PPC and the signing of a 25-year contract, to install your system and connect to the PPC system.

With the installation of the P/V system on the roof of your home and selling the produced electricity to PPC, you produce as much power you need without paying for it, while creating an important source of income. Payment by PPC is based on the agreed selling tariff which is guaranteed for 25 years.

Our company expertise and significant experience in PV systems can offer high quality products in the field of RES.